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Welcome to Guidance

The Guidance Department provides a multitude of services and resources to assist students in developing plans for the future. The school counseling program is committed to focusing on the needs, interests, and issues related to student growth as well as individual development in academic, career, and personal/social areas. Counselors provide direct services to students through individual conferences and both small group and grade-level presentations. These presentations include relevant career, college, and academic information. Parents are encouraged to call their student's counselor when they have a concern or question.

Julie Lichtmann Director-School Counseling jlichtmann@windhamsd.org x5849
Christi Dunn School Counselor cdunn@windhamsd.org x5842
Elizabeth Baddeley School Counselor ebaddeley@windhamsd.org x5844
Michael Keshigian School Counselor mkeshigian@windhamsd.org x5843
Mitch Blais School Counselor mblais@windhamsd.org x5846
Donna DiZazzo Administrative Assistant ddizazzo@windhamsd.org x5841
Danielle Cleasby Administrative Assistant dcleasby@windhamsd.org x5990