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Health Services

WHS Health Office

Donna Chartrand, RN, BSN

(603) 845-1558, ext. 5810


Kelly Carter, RN, BSN

603-845-1558 x 5811

Report Absences to: (603) 845-1558

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Health Services

The school nurse is responsible for the administration of health services for Windham High School. Emergency cards are sent home the first day of school and should be completed and returned promptly. Please update this information throughout the school year. Students and parents are requested to inform the nurse of any particular health problems that should be a matter of record.

Students are encouraged to discuss health matters with the school nurse. Except in emergencies, students must obtain passes from their teachers prior to reporting to the nurse's office. All injuries must be reported to the nurse. First aid treatment will be administered and parents notified. Students may never report to a lavatory or leave school due to illness or injury. All such absences from school or class are unexcused cuts from class.

Administering Medication

All medication brought to school by a student must be secured with the school nurse. Students in possession of medication, including medications that are properly prescribed by the student's physician, will be subject to disciplinary action. Students may carry inhalers and Epi-pens for emergency use with proper documentation from a healthcare provider, provided the school nurse has knowledge of these devices. No internal medication may be dispensed or administered to any child or member of the school staff except by the school nurse. Parents are requested to contact the school nurse to communicate any medical information necessary to ensure the well being of their child.

Immunization Requirement

Each student must have had a tetanus vaccine within the last 10 years. The school nurse will notify parents/guardians of students whose records do not indicate this immunization. Students who do not submit such documentation may be prohibited from attending Windham High School or admitted conditionally as circumstances require (RSA 141-C:20).