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College Credit Program for Juniors and Seniors

College Credit Program for Juniors and Seniors
Juniors and Seniors

Windham High School Offers College Credit Opportunities for Juniors and Seniors

Students will be able to choose from a few options that would best fit their schedules and aspirations. WHS is working with Northern Essex Community College (NECC) to offer a program that allows our junior and senior students an abundance of opportunities to further their education while still in high school. Students will have the opportunity to experience a college-level course load, study abroad at Drew University in Ireland and earn a college credit in English composition, sign up for summer courses or intersession classes which would take place between school breaks, and even get the opportunity to gain enough credits to earn an Associate Degree.

Students who are interested in pursuing this opportunity will work directly with the guidance department to make sure that those students will know what to expect and are given the tools to be able to juggle to courseload.

NECC is also offering a 65% reduced rate to the students who chose to join the dual enrollment program. Currently, NECC is one of the top ten schools that WHS graduates choose to continue their education at.

For the students that choose to continue their education to a four year program and beyond, they will enter their first year of college as a junior and as an additional benefit to this program, they will be offered a discounted tuition cost at one of six ComUniversities which include:

  1. Merrimack College
  2. Boston University
  3. Cambridge College
  4. UMASS Lowell
  5. Regis College
  6. Northern Vermont University

How does the dual enrollment work?

Depending on when a student decides to enroll, and which program they choose, they will be offered different core college-level coursework for different concentrations. Throughout the year the students will continue to take their high school course load plus start to take the introductory courses at college level.

What are the different concentrations offered through the dual enrollment program?

In this program, students are able to choose between the following concentrations: Business, Education, STEM, and Nursing.

What are the benefits?

This program can benefit the student in so many ways. Students that are not sure what they want to do for a concentration at this point will be able to get a taste of those core classes to decide if they do want to continue the course work into a four year school or longer.

Also, with this program, students are able to get discounted pricing at both the Associate level as well as a discounted rate if they choose one of the ComUniversities in conjunction with this program. Entering a four year school as a junior will also be a huge cost savings for future loan payments.

This program allows students to get the same amount of education in half the time and at a significantly discounted rate. For more information about this program, check out the slides that were presented. Early College Presentation