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Graduate Certification Programs

Graduate Certification Programs

Windham High School currently offers three certificates that seniors can obtain in addition to their high school diploma.  Below are the descriptions of these certificates.  If you have additional questions, please contact the school counseling department directly.

Business Certificate

Students will have the opportunity tp explore career pathways and gain essential skills such as professionalism, communication, critical thinking, and financial awareness.  They will also be able to receive valuable hands-on experience through extended learning opportunities and/or internships.

Global Studies Certificate

The Global Leadership Certificate at WHS provides students with the opportunities to immerse themselves into cultural diversity, global citizenship and responsibility as well as gaining the skills and strategies that are necessary to become emerging leaders in a global community. Students will work collaboratively with other students around the world and address current challenges and events by using adaptability skills and strategies. Students will immerse themselves in multi-culturally diverse opportunities and community services, international travel to learn various perspectives, and tackle world issues all while becoming global citizens.

STEAM Certificate

The STEAM pathway certificate at Windham High School is designed to elevate hands-on engagement in content areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Students will need to be innovative in applying their knowledge in order to problem solve, collaborate with peers, and turn their ideas into action.