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WHS to Host Naturalization Ceremony

WHS to Host Naturalization Ceremony

WINDHAM, NH OCTOBER 1, 2019- Windham High School students will have the opportunity to observe nearly 50 individuals from 25 - 35 countries become United States citizens on Tuesday, October 8th. The Naturalization ceremony will be attended by students enrolled in the 10th grade American Studies humanities course.

The opportunity, provided by the U.S. District Court of New Hampshire, fits well into the two courses' curriculums. Since school started in September, 10 graders in the school's yearlong humanities course, American Studies, have been analyzing the American Dream as they studied the nation's early history and literature. The unit will culminate with students writing a "letter" explaining what America means to them. One of the letters will be chosen to be read to the new citizens as part of the ceremony. This unique experience will provide a memorable "real-world" application.

The U.S. District Court of New Hampshire began conducting Naturalization ceremonies at state high schools in 2016. Since then, other schools from around New Hampshire have had the opportunity to host. This will be Windham High School's second time hosting the event.

The event is closed to the public. Any questions can be sent to Shannan McKenna, Director of Social Studies and World Language at (603) 845-1558.