Technology FAQ 

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can students have access to Facebook, MySpace, IM or other Chat software?

The short answer is "No". We do not allow access to social networking sites or Chat software on Windham School District computers at this time.

What if a student has a problem connecting an iPod or other personal device to their laptop?

We do not support personal devices unless they are required for academic use and the request comes from a faculty member.

Can students use printers at home?

School year 2013-14 we have problems using USB printers for students at home. They may be able to use a wifi printer, or print at school. The current release of Apple's operating system caused this problem and we realize it's an inconvenience.
Prior years (and hopefully future years), printers must be attached to the student's laptop via a USB cable only. The laptop should automatically detect the printer and it will appear as the default printer while connected. Network and wireless printers are not supported, as they require administrative privileges to install. If for some reason the print driver for your printer is not installed, the student must bring the install CD or driver to the Tech Dept (Rm D202) so that it can be installed. Students cannot run these programs themselves.

What if a student is having trouble gaining Internet access at home, but it works while in school?

While we can not support home networks or Internet connections, there are a couple of things a student can try:
  •  They can connect directly to their home network via an ethernet cable
  •  They should contact their home Internet provider's customer service department

While traveling, will the students have internet access?

Keep in mind, when you are traveling and are staying at a Hotel, there is a possibility that you will not get access to the internet. Many hotels use a proxy for their wireless communication. A proxy poses as a middleman for network requests. This creates a possible loophole in filtering content on the student's laptop. Our filtering system, by design, blocks all proxy requests. If you are at a hotel or other wireless hot-spot and receive a message in your web browser that states "R3K Filters Unreachable" chances are, you are connected through a proxy. Sometimes you can get around this by plugging in an Ethernet cable from the network jack in the wall to the laptop and turning off your airport card, if the hotel does not use a proxy for their hard-line traffic

Can students use a shoulder strap on their laptop case?

No, To avoid any damage to their laptop, Shoulder straps should NOT be used. Any faculty member who sees a student with a shoulder strap should ask them to remove it.

Should students put their laptop case in their backpack or shoulder bag?

No, To avoid any damage to the laptops, laptops should always be stored in their school assigned black laptop case when in transit and the case should never be stored within any other bag.

Can students decorate their Laptop Case in order to tell them apart?

Yes, Students will keep the same laptop case for the entire time they are at WHS.

Can I buy my laptop if I move away or when I graduate?

Not at this time. The school board decides what to do with used laptops and we have previously used them in the Middle School.

Should students bring their power cord to school if their battery is not lasting a full day?

No, at no time should student bring their power cord to school. If they lose it, they will be liable to pay to replace it. Try to use strategies to reduce power usage, such as limiting video, dim screen, remove DVDs, etc.
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