Windham Games Day

Windham Games Day
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There is a fresh, crisp smell of the fall season in the air which in most towns just means that Halloween is coming or to some, it’s time to overindulge in everything pumpkin spice. But at Windham High School, it means it's Trebuchet Day!

This year, Trebuchet Day will be expanding to include some other core classes to get engaged in the out of the class lessons.  These classes include Spanish, French and Latin language arts, Chemistry, Computer Science/Biology, Integrated Science, Physics, and Math.   Because of this expansion, the event has officially been renamed to ‘Windham Games Day’. To learn more about how the students of each of these classes will participate, please go forth.

Let the games begin!

  • Language Arts
    • Spanish
      • Student will create and play a chess tournament. There will also be posters set up regarding the way the game is played available in both Spanish and English.
    • French
      • AP French will play a Pétanque tournament and create a video of the tournament.
      • French 4 will create rules of the games that will be available in both French and English along with the history of the game.
    • Latin
      • The Upperclassman will reenact a battle scene and everything will be commentanted
      • Latin 1 will be racing chariots
      • Latin 2 will be recreating some olympic events
  • Science
    • Physics
      • Students in all physics classes form teams of three to design, build, and operate a trebuchet; a medieval siege machine powered only by gravity. The trebuchets, about 6-feet in height, fire water balloons at a castle situated 115 feet away. A portion of the grade is based on the best of three official launches although students get plenty of opportunities for practice. After their launch students calculate vector velocity, components of velocity, launch angle, and maximum trajectory height. Students submit a journal that includes dimensioned drawings of their final machines, calculations, and construction essay in the weeks following the event.
    • Chemistry
      • Students will launch water rockets using chemical reactions to create  pressurized gas rockets.
    • Integrated Science
      • Students, working in groups, design and build mousetrap chariots.  They will be racing them along a 14 foot track. 
    • Computer Science/Biology
      • Student teams will compete in a game show competition to answer academic questions on stage.
  • Math
    • The math department will have several stations/activities for students of all ages and classes:
      • One activity has student’s building mini catapults from popsicle sticks and launching candy corn in an effort to hit a mini castle.  Data will be collected including distance, time, and angle of the projectile and catapult. As an extension, students will use the data collected in math class to model the parabolic equation of projectile motion as well as angular velocity.
      • Students will have the opportunity to use medieval geo-boards and elastic bands to analyze the area and perimeter of various shapes in a fun way!
      • Students will have the opportunity to plot height and wingspan of the trebuchet participants. This data will be recorded on a life size wall.  As an extension, the data will input into logger pro so students can study line graphs and regression.
      • Students will be able to participate in a game of probability. Students will toss rings and to try to have them land on a princess crown (hennin).  Students will use the data to calculate their odds of winning!
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