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Kids Vote

Kids Vote

Town voting will take place on March 14th at Windham High School from 7am-8pm and we are looking forward to our Annual Kids Vote for grades K-12. Upon arrival students will enter the gym and approach the Kid’s Vote Table.  Volunteers will be there to check them in on the registration list and provide them with a ballot for their school.  Students will select one choice on their school based ballot and then drop their vote in the official ballot box.  Don’t forget to take your “I Voted, Kids Vote too!” sticker on your way out. Please mark those calendars and bring your students to join in the voting experience.  

Golden Brook School

  • Choose between Duct Taping Mr. Hunt to a wall or spraying Mr. Hunt with silly string!
Windham Center School
  • Vote for Class Board Games, Staff Talent Show, or Extra Recess

Windham Middle School

  • Vote for Music @ Lunch, Hat Day or Extended Lunch

Windham High School

  • Students can take on the WHS Administrative team in Basketball, Dunk Tank, or Sumo Suit Wrestling. We would also like to remind our 18+ students to vote in the Town Election as well.