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Electronic Payments

Food Nutrition

TITAN Family Portal was recently upgraded to LINQ Connect. If you currently have a TITAN parent account, all of your information will automatically migrate to the new site.  There is no need to update your username and password. LINQ Connect is the payment platform that our food nutrition services will be using moving forward.

Additional School Fees

The district has made the decision that for the 2023-24 school year,  we will be transitioning back to K12 Payment Center for all school fees (such as laptop fees, field trips, Chromebooks, etc.).  LINQ Connect processing fees are significantly higher than the fees through K12 Payment Center. More information on K12 Payment Center will be available this summer. 

Technology Fee Overview

Each WHS student is equipped with a MacBook Air. Incoming Grade 9 and new-to-the-district students will receive their MacBooks at the orientation. Families will need to agree to technology policies during registration verification and pay a $40 insurance fee via K12 Payment Center prior to orientation. Students will need to show a printed receipt or proof of payment in order to receive MacBook. Students in grades 10 through 12 will receive their MacBooks on the first day of school. They will also need to pay the $35 insurance fee via k12 Payment Center prior to September 4 and show proof of online payment in order to receive MacBook. In addition, if the device is damaged during the course of the year, the student is responsible for repair costs. Fees will be assessed by the repair technician for minor ($50) and major damages ($100). These fees must be paid via K12 Payment Center in order for the device to be repaired and proof of payment is required.

Please remember that the electronic payment centers are set up for convenience. All parents still have the option to send in a check to pay for food nutrition and/or school-based fees at any time. Please contact your child’s school directly if you have questions.