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College and Career Planning

Below you will find helpful resources for your college and career planning.  If you have additional questions, please contact your guidance counselor directly.

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Naviance is a web-based software program that our School Counseling Department uses to track college applications, submit necessary documents, and keep students informed about upcoming dates and deadlines.

Naviance is also a helpful tool students can use throughout their high school career in order to explore both Colleges and Career opportunities and requirements.


Under Careers students can complete the Cluster Finder, which looks at activities, school subjects and personal qualities to match students with an appropriate Career Cluster. This was completed Freshman year, but it can be reset if you are interested in completing it again.

There is also the Career Interest Profiler, a 180-question survey that can help students discover the types of work activities and careers that match their interests.  Once a student completes these activities, they can use their results to explore matching careers and clusters. This was completed Sophomore year, but it can be reset if you are interested in completing it again.

Under Colleges there are a number of useful tool for students as they begin to create a list of colleges they are interested in applying to.  In this area, students can compare their academic profile to students who applied to that college in previous years, complete a College Search, Super Match College Search, compare schools and even search for scholarships.  This is also where students request transcripts and teacher recommendations.  

You can take the Learning Style Inventory and learn how to make studying easier for you. This tool will also show you ways in which you can be more effective and comfortable in class, while showing your teachers and counselors how you work.